Master Training in Tang Soo Do



Moon Pal Dan Khum- Sitting 8 Brocade

Purpose: to promote Chi in the 6 arm and 6 leg channels then circulate
1> Seated Meditation – eyes closed, calm and concentrated, direct attention to dan jun.

2> Breathe in and raise arms, Lock hands behind head and push back against resistance, straightening the neck and back 9 times.
3> Breathe in and raise arms, Cover ears with palms and drum Occipital with index finger 24 times to clear and awaken the mind.

4> Slowly turn head left then right, over to shoulder stretching neck and releasing chi channels.

5> Rub hands together to generate energy, inhale deeply then seal breath and massage kidney area in a circular movement 24 times, exhale (2 sets of 12 or 4 of 6).

6> Extend legs to open 6 leg channels and row the arms in a circular motion like a turning wheel, 9 times one direction then 9 times the other.

7> Clasp hands and stretch both hands high then lower and hold top of head and push up against resistance, extending neck. Inhale, raise arms high then lean over extended legs exhale and hold feet – repeat 9 times.

8> Seated Meditation – concentrate Chi to lower dan jun. Concentrate on FirePath (front and back centreline) balancing Chi and clearing obstructions. Rub hands together to create heat then inhale and trace path of air down to dan jun, breathe out and follow path upwards

TRAIN DILIGENTLY AND A THOUSAND ILLNESSES VANISH INTO DUST – Original Chinese instruction for 8 brocade.

Master D. Allerton

Tang Soo !