Master Training in Tang Soo Do



Moon Pal Dan Khum- Sitting 8 Brocade

Purpose: daily practise to promote circulation of energy in the 6 arm and 6 leg channels. Enhanced immune system, concentrated meditation to prepare mind , body and spirit to achieve positive re-enforcement for each day or specific task ahead. Isometric, dynamic and static stretching plus self massage.


1> Seated meditation, palms on lap, eyes close directing attention to your centre - dan jun breathing.

2> Breathe in and raise arms, Lock hands behind head, bow the head forward and stretch until you feel tension then push back slowly against resistance of hands, straightening the neck and back repeating 9 times.

3> Breathe in and raise arms, Cover ears with palms and drum Occipital with index finger 24 times to clear and awaken the mind. Known as beating the heavenly drum.

4> Slowly turn head left then right, bend towards shoulder noting any imbalance or stiffness. Hold side of head with hand and stretch to the point of tension then slowly and carefully push up against resistance of hand, hold for 7 seconds then release, stretch a little further and repeat until relaxed. Rotate head and neck half circle relaxing neck muscles and opening chi channels.

5> Rub hands together to generate energy, inhale deeply then seal breath and massage kidney area in a circular movement 24 times, exhale (2 sets of 12 or 4 of 6).

6> Extend legs to open 6 leg channels and row the arms in a circular motion like a turning wheel, 9 times one direction then 9 times the other. Extending arms and movement of the body promotes core activation. Exhale on exertion.

7> Clasp hands and stretch both hands high then lower and hold top of head and push up against resistance, extending neck. Inhale, raise arms high then lean over extended legs exhale and hold feet – repeat 9 times. Static stretch to bring head towards legs.

8> Seated Meditation – concentrate Chi to lower dan jun. Concentrate on FirePath (front and back centreline) balancing Chi and clearing obstructions. Rub hands together to create heat then inhale and trace path of air down to dan jun, breathe out and follow path upwards. Releases tension and provides positive energy.

TRAIN DILIGENTLY AND A THOUSAND ILLNESSES VANISH INTO DUST – Original Chinese instruction for 8 brocade.

Master D. Allerton

Tang Soo !

Master Ryu Pa:

At Master level we must concentrate on Self Development.

Daily practise of inner training, calming the mind and gently stretching the body, paying particular attention to moving from your centre and drawing energy using the kinetic chain. When energy is stored in this way it can be released with the speed of an arrow.


Continued practise of the higher Chil Sung and Yuk Ro represent the middle way. However, Masters should concentrate on the soft "Tai Chi " form and by contrast the hard Okinawan hyungs Seishan , Oh Sip Sa Bo and Tando as demonstration forms applying their own Ryu Pa.

Resistance Training:

Masters must also continue to earn their red stripe and forge a strong body for Ho Sin Sul and to fight off illness and negativity. Up until very recently it was believed that we lost a percentage of muscle mass every year of our lives from middle age as part of the normal ageing process and that this decline was irreversible. This is now known to be untrue. It is inactivity which leads to loss of muscle mass not growing older. A recent study of 80 year old athletes training 5 times per week found them to be as strong as the 50 year olds. The study also concluded that exercise intensity was way more significant than duration. Therefore, 3 -5 sessions per week of 30-40 minute progressive resistance training starting at age 50 could actually lead to greater strength at age 80. I set out a basic routine below. As always start light and work your way up. If in any doubt seek professional assistance.


Dynamic Stretching followed by Strength training:

Barbell bicep curl - 30kg - 40 kg 6-8 reps only x 6 sets

Single concentration curls - 15kg - 20kg 6-8 reps only x 3 sets

Tricep extensions - 12kg - 15kg 6-8 reps only x 6 sets

One arm bent over row - 25kg - 35kg 6-8 reps only x 6 sets

Add to this functional resistance training with medicine ball, kettlebell, dumbells, etc and you will maintain useable strength well into old age.

Abdominal routines should include crunches/leg or knee raises and obliques. Prone and side plank plus back extensions for balance.

Interval/Anaerobic training - 8 rounds of 20 secs maximal output; 10 secs recovery. Use a free standing bag or pads for kicks, knees, elbows and punches.


As for rest periods we are not bodybuilders and so do not require lengthy rest between sets. Go for high density sessions with around 30-45 seconds rest to provide a challenge to the whole body rather than isolated muscles. Learn sound scientific principles regarding nutrition.




Moo Pal Dan Khum: Standing 8 brocade -

Continued practise should extend the breathing rate to just 2 breaths per minute. Emphasise stretching phase also.

Song of the Sip Sam Seh :

Never neglect any of the Sip Sam Seh,

The source of the will is in the waist,

Pay attention to the slightest change from full to empty,

Let energy flow through the whole body continuously,

Stillness embodies motion, motion stillness, Seek stillness in motion.

Surprising things will happen when you meet your opponent,

Give awareness and purpose to every movement,

When done correctly all will appear effortless.

At all times pay attention to the waist,

Relaxed clear awareness of abdomen, the energy can be activated.

When the base of the spine is erect, energy rises to the top of the head.

The body should be flexible. Hold the head as if suspended from a string.

Keep alert and seek the meaning and purpose of your art.

Bent and stretched, open and closed. Let nature take it’s course,

Beginners are guided by oral teaching.

Gradually one applies oneself more and more. Skill will take care of itself.

What is the main principle of the martial arts ?

The mind is the primary actor and the body secondary,

What is the purpose and philosophy behind the martial arts ?

Rejuvenation and prolonging life beyond the normal span.

So an eternal spring.

Every word of this song has enormous value and importance.

Failing to follow this song attentively, you will sigh away your time.