Senior Master David Allerton - 5th Dan

Master Allerton ThumbnailI first became interested in martial arts as a schoolboy in the late sixties. Studied from books to ward off the school bully but it never came to much. My first formal lessons started in 1973 at the Budokan in Middlesbrough with Fred Kidd, Cliff Richmond and Norman Wall. All highly graded and well respected Karateka. I was taught Wado-ryu and the Pinan forms and training consisted of hard basics, kata and fighting. It was a lovely dojo with mirrors, bags and makiwarra.

In the late 1970's I had a job promotion and was packed off to Hatfield in Hertfordshire. I could not find any Wado ryu karate clubs so I took up Shotokan and learned the five Heian katas. I also recall training for many months with a Japanese instructor who had a class in a mental institution near St Albans. Class would occasionally be interrupted by inmates wandering into the hall and the changing rooms were a scary experience too! I suppose it was a good exercise in awareness.

After a while I came across a Tang Soo Do class in Welwyn Garden City taught by Master Lee. I was amazed to see the powerful techniques and kicks displayed by the students, together with strict discipline. So I joined and that was the start of my Tang Soo Do career. During 1987 I became homesick and decided to change jobs and head off back North. On my return I started a class in Wolviston Court Community Centre in Billingham which was the first TSD class in the North-East. We have prospered since then and can now number several hundred students. A lot of people have come and gone but the club has retained the same character as I have always advocated practical training drills and family values.

My 4th Dan promotion took place in January 1997 and 5th Dan Master Instructor in January 2004. All gradings were conducted by Kang Uk Lee (10th Dan). In 2005 I completed an intensive Premier course in Fitness Instruction, Personal Training, Sports & Remedial Massage and Nutrition. I learned so many things which will benefit my Tang Soo Do teaching.

In November 2005 I resigned from the UKTSDF along with all other club instructors as we collectively felt the organisation was no longer fulfilling the needs of our students. Our progression was being stifled so we created the Tang Soo Do (Ho Sin Sul) school to promote the traditional self defence aspects of this dynamic art we all love.

In September 2006 my first training guide was published by Martial Fit entitled "Secret Moves - A Practical Guide to the Pyung Ahn Forms"and in 2011 I was honoured to be inducted into the "Combat Hall of Fame".

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been involved in my martial art journey so far. I would also invite any prospective students to come and try our brand of Tang Soo Do and see for themselves what can be achieved.

Yours in Tang Soo

Master David Allerton


Master Stephen Crooks - 5th Dan

Master CrooksMidnight Blue Qualification dates:

1st Dan    10th October 1992

2nd Dan    8th June 1996

3rd Dan    30th July 2000

4th Dan    6th December 2004

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Diane Warrior - 3rd Dan

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