Techniques in Tang Soo Do



A Few Words About Technique

There are many aspects to consider about technique. Every technique requires speed and efficient movement. There is no easy way to perfect your technique. Practice is the key. Work harder on your weaknesses and as well as improving physically, your mental resolve will also toughen as you push yourself on to your limits. Perfection of technique requires that movements become second nature so that you do not have to think of your response.


Bow before you enter the Do Jang (training hall)

Bow to show respect to your instructor

If you want to ask a question, put up your hand. When you have your instructors attention, bow and ask your question

Always ask the instructor before you leave the hall for any reason during class

Always address the Instructor as Sa Bom Nim or 'Sir' at all times

At the end of class all students should repeat Ka Sahm Ni Da - Thank you

At the end of each exercise turn around and adjust your uniform. When turning back bow to your instructor

When the instructor is speaking all students should stand still with hands behind their back

Concentration at all times is essential if you are to learn properly and safely!


Hand Techniques

1. Block (Low,High)
2. Punch (Low, High)
3. Knife Hand Block (Low, Middle, High)
4. Spear Hand Attack
5. Chop


Foot Techniques

1. Front Snap Kick
2. Side Snap Kick
3. Roundhouse Kick
4. Chop Kick (Inside - out, Outside - in)
5. Back Kick
6. Spinning Back Kick
7. E Dan Kicks


Understanding Belt Colours

You should know that the coloured belt system of Tang Soo Do follows the changing seasons from the white which denotes the students potential covered with the snows of winter, through the yellow/orange signifying the new growth of spring and the green/blue for the emergence of speedy development during the months of summer. Red belt should show the students power and technique begin to bloom and ripen with experience. It also signifies energy/fire and life. This student should mirror these characteristics and not waste a moment in his/her bid to reach the maturity and respect of midnight blue belt. Therefore, you can see each belt has a specific stage in its development and you should not try to over reach yourself too early. Patience is the key.